PRE-CAST CONCRETE – An Introduction

With the growing demand for speedy and cost effective construction, particularly in the housing sector pre-cast technology is a sure shot way forward. Today most of the Western countries have adopted pre-cast technology a big way in the building construction industry. Pre-cast eliminates dependency on large labor, ensure good workman ship and eliminate defective construction and most of all eliminates time over-run.

Universal Infra Pvt Ltd will be using the most modern pre-cast technology particularly pre-cast architectural facade panels in all their construction projects.


Pre-cast concrete is an element of the buildings which is cast in the yard or in a factory and erected in position. Various elements of the building can be made using pre-cast concrete like beams, columns, slabs, walls, exterior walls, boundary walls etc. In the case of pre-cast facade panel they provide stunning details, textures, in-lay, and patterns of various shapes, sizes and colors.
Universal is also proposing to provide pre-cast window panels which will essentially be casting panels with the windows embedded in them.

  • Highly durable
  • They come in various sizes and shapes
  • Very fast to erect
  • Saves labor and cost by reducing construction time cycle of a project.